Reach new heights.

There is no extra mile. There is only
what it takes to reach success.

Reach new heights.

There is no extra mile. There is
only what it takes to reach success.

We are a full-service
communications agency.

With our wide range of traditional and digital media skills, we draw on our expertise and real-world experiences to bring you winning strategies.

Media Relations

From local press to national news outlets, we have decades of collective relationships with members of the media. It’s our goal to work with the media to generate ongoing, targeted coverage for our clients. We work to proactively identify compelling, timely stories and identify appropriate avenues for the best coverage. We also handle with ease incoming requests to help set you up for success.

Digital Development & Strategy

We leverage a variety of digital and social media strategies to help you gain attention, build your profile, and drive online conversations. Whether it’s launching a podcast, managing social media channels, or developing website content – we have a pulse on what’s working and believe these tactics are an important part of any communications strategy.

Thought Leadership

Have an answer to some of the most important questions or biggest concerns on the minds of your target audiences? We know you want your voice heard and relied upon as a trusted resource — which is why we help you tell the story, position your response for maximum impact, and reach your intended audiences.

Positioning and Messaging

The public has an ever-decreasing attention span — which is why it’s important to position organizations and their executives as trustworthy and credible, and develop messages that are consistent, authentic and transparent. Need some help to deliver your message in a more powerful or positive way? We have you covered, with full-service media training to help craft your words, tone and body language to your best advantage.

Crisis Management

We live in a world defined by sound bites, pictures, and small snippets of information easily shared via social media and text messages. For public figures and organizations, it means that reputation can be won or lost in an instant. When a crisis looms, Jacobson is your trusted partner. We can take control and mitigate damage in moments of crisis — before it even breaks.

Community Outreach & Issue Advocacy

While our backgrounds are diverse, many on our team have walked the halls of various branches of government and have pounded the pavement on the campaign trail. Whether it’s involving stakeholders or building support around an issue – we’re passionate about turning those actions into your wins.

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